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Podcasts are audio or video media files that can be frequently updated, posted, and downloaded from a web site. A list of a series of digital media files associated with your course may be centrally stored on your course web site as a web feed. Students can then access the web feed, check for updates, and download new files in the series. This process can be automated so that new files are downloaded automatically.


You can use your own voice recordings to supplement course lectures, class discussions or postings, and required readings with auditory input. The benefits of multimedia instructional materials for students with diverse abilities and needs are significant; and Podcasts can help you create these learning opportunities for all students.


Please click below for an audio of the introduction to Podcasts.



Instruction on How To Create Podcasts

Please click here PDF download to download a pdf version of the instructional guide to Podcasts


Go to www.youtube.com and type in "podcasting" for a variety of videos on how to record and share a podcast, including how to use Audacity. You can also click here to go directly to a search result page.


For additional information on guidelines for quality and accessibility, please visit the following resources:

Audio Quality Standards:

PDF downloadhttp://www.lehman.edu/faculty/hoffmann/itc/techteach/audio/Audio_guidelines.html
PDF downloadhttp://www.lehman.edu/faculty/hoffmann/itc/techteach/audio/audiotechinfo.html
PDF downloadhttp://www.lehman.edu/faculty/hoffmann/itc/techteach/audio/Audio_on_your_computer.html

Audio Accessibility Guidelines:

PDF downloadhttp://www.usa.gov/webcontent/accessibility/508compliant-and-accessible-multimedia.shtml

Technical Requirements for Podcasting

Voice recording software such as Audacity is required to create a podcast, and a microphone is required to record the audio segment. To save the audio segment, software for an mp3 Encoder is also required. An FTP server or podcast hosting web site is necessary to share the podcast.


Download Audacity at: www.audacity.sourceforge.net

Download an mp3 Encoder at: http://lame.buanzo.com.ar/


Access free podcast hosting sites at:


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