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Feeds allow web site users to subscribe to and receive updates from a web site to a reader page such as Google Reader. Once an RSS-enabled web site has been subscribed to, any updates to the site will instantly be transcribed to a reader page. Google Reader brings content from numerous sources to one web site for quick and simple updates and reading.

For some students with cognitive disabilities, organizing multiple sources of information is a challenge. Additionally, research findings from faculty and student interviews and surveys have shown that course organization is one of the main challenges in online courses. Faculty may recommend to students enrolled in their courses that they create their own Google Reader accounts for ease of finding, obtaining, and reading current information on course related topics through Feed subscriptions. Professors may also consider enabling RSS Feeds on their course web sites. Once subscribed to the course web site Feed, students could be notified via Google Reader of any updates to the course site.


Please click below for an audio of the introduction to Feeds.


Instructions on How to Use Feeds

Please click here PDF download to download a pdf version of the instructional guide to Feeds.


Please click below for video demonstrations of how to use Google Reader and Feeds.

Demo: Getting Started with Google Reader

Demo: Google Reader Help Youtube Channel

Technical Requirements and Where to Access Feeds

No specific hardware or software is required to subscribe to an RSS Feed or use Google Reader. RSS Feeds will work with any operating system and Internet browser.

Click on the RSS Feed icon on any web site to subscribe to that site.


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Every e-Tool in the e-Toolbox was reviewed by either a UDI Online Project research and design team member, or one or several faculty at five partner institutions who incorporated a specific e-Tool into an online or blended course they taught. Faculty from these partner institutions also requested that students review the e-Tool included in a course or products created through the use of the e-Tool (e.g., documents, videos, audio clips, or other items). Likert scale surveys with open-ended questions were used by respondents.  Feedback from the reviewing UDI Online team member or faculty who used a tool is presented in addition to student ratings when available. 


e-Tool Review Results

Faculty e-Tool Review Results
Number of faculty reviewers: 1

A member of the project research and design team has reviewed this e-tool. Feed sites (such as Google Reader) easily collect information from different web sources on a specific topic. This feature could be utilized by students as a starting point for their research and/or to build background knowledge on a course topic. This tool could also be utilized by students to search for other resources to supplement the resources provided by an instructor.